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Small Car Sponge
Non Scratch Car Sponge. NOT a Turtle Wax or Car Pride Product. MAXIMUM OF TWO PER...
VSUK Price: £0.22 (£0.26 Inc VAT)

Jumbo Car Sponge
Non Scratch Soft Synthetic Car Sponge. NOT a Turtle Wax or Car Pride...
VSUK Price: £0.50 (£0.60 Inc VAT)

Wash & Wax High Gloss Car Shampoo 1 Litre
40 Washes Carpride Super High Gloss Wash & Wax is a High Concentrated Shampoo that will Quickly Eliminate any Dirt or Grime From your Vehicle. With...
VSUK Price: £1.25 (£1.50 Inc VAT)

Car Wax Polish Kit inc Microfibre Cloth & Applicator Sponge
Carpride Wax Polish Kit, This Easy to Use Kit will give the Car a Fantastic Showroom Finish. The Liquid Wax, Included, is a Balance of Specially Treated, Hard...
VSUK Price: £2.87 (£3.44 Inc VAT)

Scratch Removal Kit inc Microfibre Cloth & Applicator Sponge
Carpride Scratch Remover Kit, is a Quick & Easy Way to Restore the Colour of your Car to Showroom Condition.The Kit will remove Minor Scratches, Swirl Marks,...
VSUK Price: £2.87 (£3.44 Inc VAT)

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths - Pack of 3
Multi-Purpose Microfibre Cleaning Cloths for the Cars Glass, Body & Interior. Supplied Boxed in Three's at 30 x 30cm Per Cloth. NOT a Turtle Wax or Car Pride...
VSUK Price: £1.06 (£1.27 Inc VAT)

Alloy Wheel Cleaning Set inc Microfibre Cloth & Brush
Carpride Alloy Wheel Cleaning Set is an Ideal way of Removing Built up Grime, Dirt & Brake Dust, not Just on Alloys, But also on Steel & Plastic...
VSUK Price: £2.87 (£3.44 Inc VAT)

Carplan Alloy Wheel Cleaning Kit - Auto Express Winner
It's NOT Turtle Wax or Carpride, But it's so Good... We added it to All Our Cleaning Sections! Powerful Carplan Wonder Wheels Cleaning Kit - 10 Times Winner...
VSUK Price: £6.62 (£7.94 Inc VAT)

Wheel Clean Alloy Steel & Plastic 300ml Spray Can
Carpride Wheel Clean is for Use on All Types of Alloy, Steel & Plastic Wheels. The Special Formula helps to Dislodge Built up Dirt & Brake Dust, &...
VSUK Price: £1.02 (£1.22 Inc VAT)

Tyre Black Restorer 300ml Spray Can
Carpride Tyre Black Helps to Clean & Restore Old and/or Worn Tyres. The Foam Formula Helps to Break Down Built up Dirt & Grime from the Tyre Wall...
VSUK Price: £1.02 (£1.22 Inc VAT)

VSUK Ltd Sell Top Quality Aftermarket Car Lightng & Performance Auto Bulbs, Gear Knobs to Suit a Wide Variety of Cars, Custom Door Mirrors by KDC & Ultra Auto Cosmetics, Available in M3, DTM, M6 EVO, & GTR Styles. We Have a Huge Range of Mirror Mounting Kits for Many UK Car Models. Most Wing Mirror Styles are Available in Black, Carbon Effect & Chrome Finish. Also We Have Rubber & Carpet Car Mat Sets & Car Seat Covers in Many Colours, Wheel Trim Sets, Induction Kits & Exhaust Trims, Xenon Headlight Bulbs, Silvatec Chrome Indicator Bulbs, Coloured Auto Bulbs, 24 Volt Commercial Auto Bulbs, Angel Eyes, Chrome Projector Indicators, Lexus Style Tail Lights, LED Tailights, Booster Cables, Battery Chargers, Valeting Supplies Such as Turtle Wax Color Magic, Colour Restorer, Car Wash Shampoo & Chamois Leathers...
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